Problem solving is a hallmark of a dependable employee.

Lay a strong foundation of 'Problem solving skill' for your professional career. Join Sudhir Mahale as he guides you through the maze of 'Problem solving'.

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I have a rich experience of five decades mainly solving problems. Based on my experience I have developed a process to resolve problems faced by businesses in most of the cicumstances. The process is based on learnings from Dr. Ishikawa, Dr. Juran and McKinsey consultants. I started with technical problems. Based on the requirements, I ventured in system problems. Now I am working on marketing and people problems. All my experience is condenced in this course. Make most of it. 


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course | Problem solving fundamentals

Problem solving fundamentals

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course | Problem solving strategy

Problem solving strategy

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course | Implement problem solving methodology

Implement problem solving methodology

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